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Industry Insights – Xavier Vilaseca Lemus

The evolution of IP & IT Law in the Sports Industry

Sports IT & IP Law

Following the evolution of IP & IT Law in the Sports Industry

Guest Speaker: Xavier Vilaseca Lemus

The first Industry Insights for Fall 2021 will look at:

  • Contractual IP & Image Rights scope
  • Social Media & Data Protection Regulation, solutions & boundaries (legal exits or legal constraints)
  • Sports Transactions: IP assets as key guarantees for clubs, properties, and industry stakeholders
  • After Covid-19: Risk & Mitigation plans and adjustments

About the Speaker

Xavier Vilaseca Lemus is the founder and CEO of Footnet. With over 15 years of expertise as a lawyer specialized in IP & IT law, and more than half a decade working in the sports industry, he has developed his versatile abilities to offer solutions to the multiple challenges of this industry, finding it both complex and exciting. Prior to his immersion in the sports field, he worked in various legal boutiques in Barcelona and abroad (projects with the United Nations and in the private sector in Geneva). Starting in 2015, he carried out, among others, legal advisory services in agreements for publishers with the participation of renowned athletes, with a specific impact on their social networks and content monetization of their published content. Since 2017, he has performed executive functions in Sports Operations for 23 Capital, originating various transactions across transfer and TV rights deals, generating not only business but also extensive networking with all levels of the sports industry. Likewise, he has also excelled professionally in coordinating events and, academically, he teaches in various schools, both in sports law and other fields of law. From June 2020, he began a new business project named Footnet, a sports boutique advising in two main areas: as a facilitator in football and other sports transactions; and IP & IT and sports law, as well as other sporting consultancy services.

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