First Day of Class
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Fall Semester 2023: First Day of Class

Get Ready for an Exciting Start: Fall Semester 2023 Dates Announced!

At Geneva Business School, we are thrilled to unveil the important dates for the upcoming Fall semester of 2023. With a focus on academic excellence, leadership development, and professional growth, these dates mark the beginning of an exciting journey for our students. Whether you are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s/MBA, the Fall semester promises to be a time of discovery, networking, and transformative learning experiences.

The 2023 Fall semester starts in September on the following dates:


  • 11th September: Welcome Leadership Week
  • 18th September: First day of classes

Master’s & MBA

  • 18th September: Leadership Development Week
  • 25th September: First day of classes

We look forward to welcoming you to the Fall semester of 2023 at Geneva Business School!

First Day of Class