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Industry Insights – Nassima Dzair

Be inspired by the founder of social impact startup InterBridge

Business, Social Impact & Sustainability

Guest Speaker: Nassima Dzair

Nassima inspires budding social entrepreneurs with her energetic and engaging public speaking style as she tells her story of a career spent helping Generation Z to become impact agents, through her own startup, InterBridge. InterBridge is an inspirational and educational platform for leaders of social change. Through an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach, InterBridge creates platforms to develop and promote leadership locally and globally. It emphasizes on the link between personal development and societal development. InterBridge provides training/workshops/lectures, designs tailored programs, as well as consulting. The first social project of InterBridge is: the Social Leadership Academy – Algeria:

About the Speaker

Nassima Dzair is the founder and CEO of InterBridge, a social startup that educates youth into becoming impact agents, and provides companies and governments with Gen-Z insights. She is a social innovator that is passionate about working for positive social impact and sustainable solutions. Her dedication is enabling the necessary changes for a more just and sustainable future. As a global citizen, Nassima has traveled the world avidly, speaks five languages fluently, relates to different cultures, and has acquired knowledge across disciplines. She has a unique interdisciplinary background bridging health and peace including matters of global health, development, security, international conflict, and human rights. She is also an accomplished public speaker, trainer, and moderator. Nassima has a diverse and interdisciplinary background in Medicine (BA), Peace and Development Studies (achieving a double master’s). With broad and extensive experience as a speaker, trainer, consultant, and in leadership positions in various organizations internationally, she has worked in nearly fifty countries with over a hundred and twenty nationalities. Nassima will bring her rich background and unique perspective with a bridging understanding creating connections from local to global, from individual to societal to this Industry Insights online.

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