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Industry Insights – Joshua Fetzer

Learn about creating strong and consistent brand tactics that speak to your audience

Your Brand Is Your Marketing

Guest Speaker: Joshua Fetzer

How strong and consistent brand tactics create market interest and foster customer loyalty among Millennials and Gen-Z consumers. A session to explore the process of creating a corporate identity, the power of visual look & feel, and the impact of smart storytelling.

About the Speaker

Joshua Fetzer is an Art Director and Brand Strategist from Philadelphia, PA living and working in Barcelona, Spain. He specializes in crafting corporate identities and managing marketing strategies for Millennial and Gen-Z audiences. His years of experience in graphic design, illustration, UI/UX, and creative management have included a variety of sectors, most notably in travel and hospitality. His projects and client list include: the Smithsonian Magazine, The Baffler, Dean & Fender Guitars, The Atlantic, Philadelphia Magazine, Oktoberfest Munich, I Love Travel,, Olistic Health, Abroad Europe, and RocketROI.

Industry Insights will be held online in Fall 2020

Joshua Fetzer: Your Brand Is Your Marketing

16:00 – 17:00
18 November

Join the webinar on Google Meet

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