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Which postgraduate program is right for me?

Postgraduate study can lead you down many different paths. Here we outline the key differences between our master’s programs so you can find the right one.

What is the difference between a MIM, MBA, and an International Executive MBA?

When deciding on which postgraduate course to take, many candidates ask about which Master’s program is right for them. Undertaking a postgraduate study can lead you down many different paths depending on your plans for the future. Here we will outline the key differences between our three master-level programs so you can make a confident decision on what is best for you.

At a glance

What are the key differences between our Master’s level programs, the Master of International Management (MIM), the Master of Business Administration (MBA), and the International Executive Master of Business Administration (IEMBA)?

Here they are at a glance:

The Master’s of International Management:

  • Best suited to recent graduates with no business experience
  • Continue your Bachelor’s specialization to deepen your knowledge
  • Differentiate yourself from recent graduates
  • One year on campus, third semester remote study possible
  • Two careers days per year and internship opportunities
  • Study in Geneva or Barcelona

The Master’s of Business Administration:

  • Best suited to someone with a reasonable level of business experience
  • One year on campus, third semester remote study possible
  • Well suited to those with a new business idea or project
  • A holistic mix of Academic classes, practical skills training, company visits, case studies and focus on your Final Project
  • Study in Geneva
  • Tailor-made for your personal goals in business

The International Executive Master’s of Business Administration:

  • Best suited to someone with extensive professional experience or someone in a managerial role who seeks to manage at a senior executive level
  • Flexible study load for busy executives looking to reach their full potential
  • Online course with two weeks per semester on campus
  • Exclusive networking with other professionals
  • Three semesters for a competitive price with corporate intakes available
  • Personalized career guidance and mentoring

An in-depth look at all Master-level courses

The Master’s of International Management

Our Master of International Management program is designed to take your undergraduate degree to the next level. It will take a deep look into business as a whole, as well as the specifics of the specialization chosen.

Over three semesters, studying the first two on-campus this program will feature core subjects such as Business Intelligence, Environmental and Sustainability Management, and Finance/Accounting/Blockchain, among others. Semesters one and two are also when you will study sector-specific courses that allow you to delve deeper into your chosen industry.

This lays the academic foundation for the third semester, which is when you will undertake your final project. The third semester can be studied remotely, giving you the freedom to choose when and where you study, as well as saving rent in a foreign city.

During each semester, the community will come together in our campus cities for two separate weeks featuring core interpersonal and quantifiable classes, events, featuring guest speakers, company visits, and face-to-face meetings with supervisors to social events and networking dinners.

Each intensive week will be hosted on one of our European campuses in Geneva, Barcelona, (and Madrid 2021), giving you a real-life international business experience as part of your degree.

The Master’s of Busines Administration

The Master of Business Administration program at Geneva Business School is aimed at active professionals who are looking to boost their careers. Students are pushed to achieve their potential and apply what they have learned directly in their working life. We insist on MBA candidates having professional experience, which creates a thriving and collaborative learning environment where ideas and projects can be shared and analyzed.

Totally customizable, our MBA allows you to choose the courses that best relate to your professional situation. We will provide dedicated sector specialists who will offer personalized support and feedback to help you achieve your goals. The MBA is focused on practical learning, with vast networking opportunities, events, and company visits that connect academic studies with the real world of business.

Classes are taught outside of working hours, which means working students can continue with their careers while studying. The first two semesters are taught on campus, with personalized mentoring and exclusive webinars and conferences. In the third and final semester, you will continue your studies remotely, with close and constante tutelage from your personal mentor as you complete your final project.

Mentoring at Geneva Business School goes above and beyond your studies. We offer two career days per year and access to personalized career guidance. You will get active support in finding work and access to exclusive networks through your fellow MBA candidates and the professional faculty you will work with.

Our faculty are carefully chosen for their teaching abilities and their experience in the world of business. All of our teaching staff are professionally active and share their experience first-hand. They teach theoreticalbest practices in their sectors and provide guidance to students on their ventures.

But not all learning takes place in the classroom. Geneva Business School opens up networking opportunities at public and private events, where students can meet key players in their chosen industry.

During each semester, the community will come together in our campus cities for two separate weeks featuring core interpersonal and quantifiable classes, events, featuring guest speakers, company visits, and face-to-face meetings with supervisors to social events and networking dinners.

At Geneva Business School, we believe in student development, which is why we offer our Master of International Management graduates a fast-track opportunity to complete a shortened version of the MBA at a reduced cost.

At Geneva Business School, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs have the learning by doing method at their core. You won’t just learn the theory, but you’ll get out of the classroom and take on real-life cases that prepare you for leadership roles.

Our professors all have impressive resumés, both academically and professionally. They combine their experience in industry with the latest best practices to provide a tangible and relevant learning experience. Equipped with this knowledge, students graduate with the skills to not just survive, but thrive in the future job market.

Our MBA program equips you with not just the knowledge, but the practical experience to be a leader in the world of business. But no leaders have ever made it on their own. The expansive networks you will build at Geneva Business School will give you invaluable opportunities, friendship, and inspiration.

The International Executive MBA

The International Executive MBA (IEMBA) at Geneva Business School is a new format of MBA that allows you to choose what, when, and where you study.

Aimed at working executives, candidates can select their own end goals and solve the business challenges they are currently facing. Geneva Business School’s environment of experienced professionals offers unique insights and personalized mentoring that develop the business knowledge and soft skills needed for 21st-century leaders.

The IEMBA allows candidates to work wherever and whenever they want. A hybrid of online and in-person coursework and case studies, you can complete the work in your own time, at your own pace, and from your own home, office, or on the go.

This revolutionary new course is ideal for experienced professionals working full time, parents who need a course that can fit around their work and home life, or those who are between opportunities and want to return to working life with the skills and qualifications that will take them to the next level.

Why choose a one-size-fits-all MBA? At Geneva Business School, we use the diversity of our experienced professional faculty to offer a customizable program, so everything you study is immediately relevant to your individual needs and goals.

This makes the course ideal for business professionals who are ready to shape their own future. If you have a business problem or an innovative idea that you want to focus on intensely, the IEMBA is for you.

Although your location will be flexible, collaboration is a key feature of the IEMBA. You will work with like-minded international business executives who share your passion to make an impact – intrapreneurs who may become future business partners or collaborators.

Despite the distance learning aspect of the course, our faculty will work closely with you, guiding you towards your goals. Their work in industry will help you grasp the latest trends, and also expand your professional network internationally.

During each semester, the community will come together in our campus cities for two separate weeks featuring core interpersonal and quantifiable classes, events, featuring guest speakers, company visits, and face-to-face meetings with supervisors to social events and networking dinners.

Our blended learning approach brings together online classes, group work, and case studies, with face-to-face workshops, project analysis, and guest lectures in our international campus cities. This methodology reflects modern business: global, adaptable, and innovative.

The online aspect, which makes up the vast majority of the program, gives you access to top-quality changemakers around the world. Our specialists are not just limited to business: you will have access to international relations, personal development, and technological experts who provide a vast, yet deep, global understanding.

Being in such close contact with industry professionals, program advisors, and other candidates open up unique networking opportunities all over the world.

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