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Here is the Geneva Business School Spring Recap

The experiences at Geneva Business School are a necessity in order to continue upholding our networking with inclusion, and fun!

International Day of 2022

First off, International Day! Considering our campuses have a range of 85+ nationalities, our annual celebration of diversity is a given. We invite our community to share their nationality’s food, music, and the essence of their home countries. As always, the experience was heartwarming and acted as a reminder of how our diversity gives us the opportunity for inclusivity, something that should never be taken for granted in our learning environment, nor in our future work environments.

Port Visit

At the beginning of this month, our professor Tom Van Der Heyden, along with his class in Fundamentals of Trade, as well as some trading enthusiasts, went to the Barcelona Port. At the port visit, we were invited to a guided boat tour around the premises, where we got to see everything from the luxury yachts, to the cargo ships. We gained further knowledge of the fascinating process of the ship, and what its freight goes through in the port. As well as where to successfully register one’s ship, and why. Besides successfully giving us a further understanding of the port’s part in the trading process, the port visit also provided us with a broader understanding of how the port is closely connected to Management Fundamentals, one of our other mandatory classes at Geneva Business School.

Expo Event

At Geneva Business School, our Master’s students are provided with two exclusive Leadership Development Weeks per semester, featuring classes, and events created to introduce real-life international business experience during the degree.
Earlier this spring, our Geneva Business School Masters students completed their first round of start-up pitches, as part of their Leadership Development Week. Product ideas ranged from food & Beverage to Domotics (Home Automation) and interior design. In May, with eight teams of graduate students, the ‘expo’ style event offered the opportunity to showcase ideas to other students, faculty, and professors. Students used Global Branding and Ethical Brand Consistency Models teaching – creating a brand charter in under 48 hours to pitch at this roadshow.
The event, co-chaired by Professor Francesco Derchi, and Professor Bhanu Kiran Desiraju, was a great success, with an excited committee to announce and organize the final event.


What could be better than to throw an end-of-semester get-together? Our three campuses invited students, faculty, and staff to an afternoon of catching up before the start of finals, and the end of another semester. Our Madrid, and Barcelona communities, were invited to rooftops in their city, while our Geneva community threw a beach party! The three events were successful, with some fun discussions, drinks, snacks, and good tunes!
Now, we’re excited to wrap up our final projects, theses and get started with our summer holidays!
PS: Graduation is coming up… Are you excited? We can’t wait to celebrate with you. #GenevaBusinessSchool #Classof2022