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Geneva students collaborate for social impact

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Geneva Business School students have been participating in an experiential education program that challenges students to engage with pressing social issues. Under the guidance and mentorship of Biliana Vassileva, an instructor who specializes in innovation, the students have been able to find innovative solutions for international organizations based in Geneva.

Collaborate for Social Impact (C4SI) brings together individuals from a diversity of disciplines, including business, technology, international affairs, and international development, to collaborate in response to real-world problems. C4SI runs each year from September to November.

This initiative is perfectly aligned with our own teaching methods, adopting a learn-by-doing approach. Over a two-month period, the students have been attending workshops delivered by experts and have received the support of experienced mentors to co-create social innovations in response to global and local social problems identified by our challenge setters. Alongside students from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, our students have dedicated their time to working on some inspiring projects.

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The program begins with a Kick-Off event, in which the students are introduced to C4SI and form teams to participate in a number of challenges identified by leading international affairs and development organizations, private companies, and NGOs.


After the KickOff, the students attend workshops focused on developing their skills and know-how concerning the process of social innovation. Teams work on developing innovative solutions to their own challenges, with the support of mentors for advice and feedback.


The program culminates on Demo Day. The teams will get the chance to present their innovations in front of the challenge setters, mentors, other teams, C4SI alumnae/alumni and C4SI partners.

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