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Geneva Business School and the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) successfully completed their first joint educational initiative

I recently attended the WFUNA Advanced Training Program and it was a fantastic experience. The program provided me with invaluable knowledge, and I was inspired by the passionate speakers from the International Labour Organization and the diplomat from Qatar. The access to the program beforehand was helpful, and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations on Diplomacy and Multilateralism. Highly recommended!

Bachelor Student at Geneva Campus

As a participant of the WFUNA Advanced Training Program, I found it to be an incredibly enriching experience. The knowledge gained from the speakers and the opportunity to connect with UN representatives was invaluable. The UN Tour and the presentation by Charles Boldwell from the ILO were particularly standout moments, providing relatable and lively insights. I highly recommend this program for those interested in pursuing a career with the UN or in international relations.

Bachelor at Geneva Campus

The WFUNA Advanced Training Program was an eye-opening experience. Hearing from speakers who work in different agencies in the UN provided valuable insights into the organization's operations. The candid and practical advice from the representative of the International Labour Organization was particularly helpful. I highly recommend this program for those aspiring to work in the international arena.

Bachelor Student at Geneva Campus

What captivated me about Geneva Business School was its community-centric ethos and familial ambiance apparent from my journey's start. The ever-supportive staff, students, and faculty make Geneva Business School uniquely exceptional.  

MBA Student, Gabon

My studies at Geneva Business School honed my practical finance skills. The student diversity broadened my worldview on cultural and educational variations. Professors, highly-qualified, adeptly merge theory with practice using practical examples, enriching my comprehension of the global financial landscape and preparing me for diverse professional scenarios.

France, MBA Student

Having the opportunity to work alongside students from all over the world brought me new connections, taught me new ways to problem solve, and provided me with invaluable multicultural knowledge. Also, having courses that took both a theoretical and practical approach allowed me to apply what I learnt in class to real business cases and even gave me the opportunity to resent my ideas to CEOs of real companies.

Canada, MBA Student

Choosing Geneva Business School was the best decision I made for my career. The multicultural environment, support of the team, and leadership weeks have helped me develop my skills as a responsible leader while growing as an individual.  

Master’s student, Brazil

Geneva Business School’s sports master’s program has been a wonderful experience. The diverse student body broadened my perspectives, while the experienced faculty provided invaluable insights into the industry. Through internships, I gained practical skills and developed as a leader. I’m grateful for the opportunities that will shape my future career.

India, Master’s student

The teachers have a lot of experience professionally, so they talk about their work and the companies they’ve worked for. They are really passionate about what they teach, so it keeps you motivated and makes you want to learn more and more. They’re very empathic, they don’t see you as another number, and the treatment they give to you is super personalized. The vibes there are very positive and everyone is willing to help and be there for others.

Ecuador, Master’s student

Make the bold move to meet and connect with new individuals. Form friendships and get involved in student activities to create lasting connections, which could open doors to unexpected opportunities and enrich your learning experience at school.

Cameroon, Bachelor's student

Geneva Business School nurtures a safe learning environment where students understand and learn from their blunders. With a network of seasoned teachers, vital links are developed, offering opportunities for internships and professional progress.

Bachelor's student, Estonia

At Geneva Business School, professional and personal development are encouraged by a faculty network of business professionals, small classes, and inspiring discussions. It’s a place to grow, thrive, and connect with like-minded, driven internationals.

Sweden, Bachelor's student

Geneva Business School exceeded my expectations by providing a supportive environment that empowered me to start my own business, Aspire Agency. With the guidance of my business law professor, I gained confidence in reviewing contracts and approaching clients.

Founder of Aspire Agency

The DBA is a unique program, which is a perfect symbiosis of research and management practices.

Kazakhstan, DBA student

My doctoral journey has been greatly filled with well-structured learning programs, wonderful mentorship and unique opportunities to bridge the gap between theories and practicality.

Vietnam, DBA student

The information given by the school is precise, the learning materials are current and the concepts put forward are contemporary.

Australia, DBA student

Our DBA program delivers a highly flexible online learning experience compatible with full-time work.

DBA Program Manager