Alex Pauceanu

DBA Program and Research Center, Associate Professor & DBA supervisor, Entrepreneur and Innovator

Business Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Sustainable Development

Alexandrina Pauceanu is an expert in and researcher of business and an Associate Professor of management. Her areas of interest are entrepreneurship and innovation, business management, sustainable economic development & business incubators, and clusters.

She has authored several types of research papers published in several prestigious academic journals as well as specialized academic books published with Elsevier and Palgrave MacMillian. She serves as PhD co-supervisor and examinator at the Academy of Economic Studies in Romania.  She previously worked as Associate Professor and Academic Program Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in UAE and has international teaching experience.

Currently, she is a Professor Associated with the Research Center at Geneva Business School and a member of the DBA program (including DBA thesis supervision).

Topics interested to supervise & research:

Alex is interested and open to collaborating in and supervising research projects having multidisciplinary approaches to entrepreneurship, innovation, business management and sustainable economic development. This is not limited to a specific area. She works, collaborates, provides feedback, and exchanges ideas with practicians, researchers, and academicians from all over the world.


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